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The Power of iTunes

So as readers may have gleaned ever since I finished the book I’ve been making up for lost time with my old love of TV (and, yes, comic books). And because I travel a lot I’ve gotten in the habit of watching a lot of stuff on my computer or my iPhone. I recenly rented the movie Donnie Darko because iTunes kept recommending it to me when I searched for movies to rent. The reviews were good. And it seemed like the kind of movie I would like. And, that was my impression for most of the movie. “This seems like the kind of movie that I would like,” rather than, “I like this movie.” It set a tone and mood brilliantly. The acting was really compelling at times. But it just didn’t work in the end, and the ending’s failure rendered all the atmospherics a waste of time. It reminded me of Jacob’s Ladder in that sense. Great build up to nada (though don’t hold me to that since I haven’t seen Jacob’s Ladder since it was in the theaters).

What’s interesting is that I don’t think I would ever, ever have seen this movie if it wasn’t for the fact iTunes kept twisting my arm. I don’t know if I should hold that against iTunes or not.

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