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Power-Tool Interest

Our homeowners insurer told us we wouldn’t be renewed next March unless we removed the 50-year-old flaking paint from our (detached) garage. I have finally got down to it, borrowed a power washer from a pal (thanks, Brian) & finished one whole wall. Notes on power washers.

1. They are WAY COOL! I love this thing.

2. Once you have used a power washer for any purpose around your property, you will quickly realize that at least eight other things need power washing. You will, in fact, find yourself woindering how you managed to stumble through life this far without a power washer.

3. Do not use the super-strength attachment unless planning to carve your name into the object being power washed.

4. There is no way to power wash any large and complicated structure without getting soaking wet.

Corollary to No. 4: If, one March, you are notified that there is a big power washing job you absolutely must do before the following March, do it in the summer. Do not procrastinate! Chilly late-November days are not ideal for big power washing jobs.


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