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A Pox On Them All

Look: I understand that there are major differences between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Clinton. One was a private citizen and movie star. The other was a career politician and government official who thought such careers should preclude one from living like a movie star. Also, Bill Clinton was accused of harrassing — and raping — women while a public servant. Schwarzenegger has been accused of nothing more than being a “playful” pig. Also, Schwarzenegger is running for Governor, not President and therefor btoth his judgement and his character are less important for various reasons.

Nevertheless, many Republicans and Democrats strike me as awful hypocrites on the Schwarzenegger “issue.” Republicans said that character matters about Bill Clinton. Democrats said that character doesn’t matter. Feminists even absolved groping of employees! (Remember Steinhem’s “one grope rule”) Surely, fondling a subordinate uninvited is worse than kneading a waitress.

Anyway, now Republicans say character doesn’t matter and, once again, Democrats are saying it does. Why can’t we stick to our scripts? I’m certainly sticking with McClintock.


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