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PPP Withheld Colorado-Recall Poll Because It Couldn’t Believe the Results

Public Policy Polling has an interesting reason for why it didn’t release the results of a poll it conducted of the Colorado recall election: It just couldn’t believe the Democrat was going to lose.

The Democratic-leaning group, which ran polls in partnership with Daily Kos and SEIU last fall, found Democratic state senator Angela Giron’s recall opponent leading her by twelve points in a district that went for Barack Obama by nearly 20 points last fall, with 33 percent of Democrats favoring the recall effort. Spokesman Tom Jensen said the firm doubted that Colorado Democrats would abandon their party in such droves, so they decided not to release the poll before the election, which saw Giron lose by the same margin PPP’s poll had found. “It might be normal for Democrats in Kentucky or West Virginia to abandon their party in those kinds of numbers, but that doesn’t happen in Colorado or in most of the rest of the country,” Jensen wrote.

Jensen said he worried that ”respondents may not have understood what they were being asked,” and argued that a similarly bizarre result in the Republican direction also wouldn’t have been released.


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