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A P.P.S. on Race

It is a longstanding phenomenon: By the media in general, liberal Democratic candidates who are black are considered black – black candidates somehow; and conservative Republican candidates who are black are considered conservative Republicans (as they should be). In 2006, the Republican nominees for governor in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and the Republican nominee for Senate in Maryland, were black. They were all opposed by standard white liberals. And they were all beaten by them.


Fine. But did anyone say that the voters of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland had behaved racistly? Not that I heard. You? How about the American electorate, if the Republican should happen to win this November?


Race and racial politics are such a bizarre thing. George W. Bush is incapable of picking other than black secretaries of state, and he gets no credit. Bill Clinton is always bragging about blacks in his cabinet, and everyone thinks he’s Sojourner Truth or something.


Anyway . . .


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