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Since so many emailers keep saying the same thing, let me further clarify. I don’t dispute that the Left is riddled with destructive and anti-American attitudes. I don’t dispute that if some on the left got the America they claim to want, America would fall apart. I don’t even dispute that we are — and should be — in a metaphorical war with the left, i.e. a political war of ideas and votes. But that sort of conflict is so profoundly and deeply different than the sort of conflict where it is morally acceptable to cheer at your enemy’s literal death.

Prager is a very smart man and a very good writer but nowhere in that column does he forcefully expand on this very important distinction. If he’d written a column saying that the secular left is at war with America’s traditional institutions I would have probably agreed with it. If he wrote a column saying we were at war with the Islamists I would certainly have agreed with it — because that’s so obvious. But he wrote that the two are the same war, marrying the metaphorical with the literal without spilling any ink to distinguish between the two. That’s what I object to.


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