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Catholic Parent says The National Review Treasury of Classic Children’s Literature is “excellent, wholesome, and certain to broaden the horizons (mental and spiritual) of children and adults who love them. . . . [This] beautiful book of wonderful children’s stories by great writers that will delight, entertain and nourish your youngsters and teenagers. Described by the publishers as ‘a happy voyage back to the golden era of children’s literature,’ it is precisely that.” And “lavishly illustrated” too. About our Volume Two edition, the magazine said “This eagerly awaited sequel contains 38 marvelous stories and poems.” And Catholic Parent loved The National Review Treasury of Classic Bedtime Stories, saying “If you grew up reading the many Burgess-Cady books, you already know the value and magic of these wonderful stories.” They are “high entertainment, and Cady’s drawings are among the finest in children’s literature.”

Meanwhile, Faith & Family magazine says our books’ “wholesome, exciting stories will entertain you as well as your kids.”

Hey you, yeah YOU – your kids and grandchildren need these books. With Christmas approaching, there’s no better opportunity for making sure these delightful tomes end up in their happy hands. We’ve got a special offer: Get one copy of Volume Two of The National Review Treasury of Classic Children’s Literature and we’ll give you additional copies (no limit) for half price, plus FREE shipping, plus a FREE copy of Queen Zixi of Ix, the great tale by L. Frank Baum that boys and girls will love. You can do your ordering here. That said, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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