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Pray for Michael Harriot

For The Root, Michael Harriot responds to my post from earlier this week about Elie Mystal’s attacks on Amy Coney Barrett and her family:

The National Review’s Isaac Schorr immediately blasted Mystal’s spot-on hateful attack against the thong-hating judge. Yes, Barrett is reportedly connected to a conservative religious sect that believes true Christians don’t wear thongs (Which is how I know my grandmother is saved, sanctified and filled with the grandma panty Holy Ghost). Schorr immediately defended the blessed Mother of Bloomers from Mystal’s “vanity, racial insensitivity, and cruelty” because Mystal’s accurate summarization “for likes and retweets speaks to his own vanity, racial insensitivity, and cruelty.”

“Only a fanatic could draw the conclusion that Mystal did from Barrett’s statement,” Schorr wrote Caucasianly. “Only a woman with the uncommon talent, grace, and faith of Amy Coney Barrett could find it in her heart to forgive Mystal.”

Schorr seems to be a big fan of a right-wing fanatics openly committed to imposing their religious zealotry on women’s right to choose, even if it means the mother’s death. I’m sure Mystal is moved by the “uncommon grace” of a woman who isn’t opposed to hopping into the stolen Supreme Court seat still warm with the memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is probably sitting on the right hand of God’s baby boy whispering: “Not this motherf*****, please . . . Oh, my bad Jesus.”

But if Schorr’s defensive shut-up-n******** was not enough to convince you of the untouchability of white womanhood, check out the response to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) assertion that Republicans would s*** their not-thongs if Amy Coney Barrett’s fundamentalist beliefs were rooted in Islam instead of the sanctity of ancient zombieism . . .

There’s a lot to unpack here, but if you don’t immediately recognize this screed for the hateful rubbish it so obviously is, there’s nothing I could say to convince you. All you can do for someone as far gone as Michael Harriot is pray, so I’d ask you all to do so.


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