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Pray for Mojo

You’ve heard of guide dogs, but how about helper parrots? Meet Sadie, who talks her owner down from psychotic episodes:

Sadie rides around town on Eggers’s back in a bright purple backpack specially designed to hold her cage. When he gets upset, she talks him down, saying: “It’s O.K., Jim. Calm down, Jim. You’re all right, Jim. I’m here, Jim.” She somehow senses when he is getting agitated before he even knows it’s happening. “I still go off on people sometimes, but she makes sure it never escalates into a big problem,” he told me, grinning bashfully at Sadie. “Now when people make me mad I just give them the bird,” he said, pulling up his sleeve and flexing his biceps, which is covered with a large tattoo of Sadie.

Well, I guess you know you need help when your pet is literally the one that’s talking sense. It’s like a reverse David Berkowitz.


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