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Prayer Warriors, of a Kind

It’s not too late to act on this request; just send your good vibrations back in time, as per the suggestion below:

To All Kucinich Supporters: New York City Friends of Kucinich will be holding a group meditation and visualization for the Dennis Kucinich campaign. This will occur at 8:15pm on Wednesday, January 28th.

The intention of the meditation will be to create the energy pathways needed to give the Kucinich vision and everyone who aligns with that vision a voice in America and the World and to attract the prosperity and resources to do so.

At 8:15pm EST find a quiet space alone or in a group…Place your hands over your Heart Center and align your Heart and your Voice with the vision of the Kucinich campaign. Set an intention to reach out to others, especially possible supporters of the campaign. Spend five to ten minutes in this space. Close the meditation with a statement of gratitude.

If you are unable to participate at that exact time, then find a time as close as possible to 8:15pm that evening and set your intention to tune into the group, sending your thoughts and energy either forward or backward in time.

We hope as many people as possible can participate. Remember Dennis’

belief in the interconnectedness of all living beings. So be it.

ok – that is it – I’ll wait to hear back from ya…

peace and blessings,


Kim Brooks Wei

New Jersey Coordinator,

Kucinich for President

NJ website:


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