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Pre-Debate Notes

Outside Iowa Public Television, where the debate is being held, John McCain has won the put-up-the-most-signs contest.  Despite the fact that it is 22 degrees outside, Mitt Romney has a dozen or so supporters out yelling his name at any car that passes by. As befits his new prosperity, Mike Huckabee arrived in a three-SUV caravan; all he said was that he needed a bit more Nyquil last night.  

As I stood outside the building, a man I did not know walked up to me, put out his hand, and said, ‘Thank you.  Thank you.”  Turns out he works for Romney in Iowa and wanted to thank me for the National Review endorsement.  I explained that that wasn’t my decision, and I hadn’t endorsed anyone.  But he was still grateful.

I talked with Matt Rhoades, the Romney aide who is said to be a source for many items that are prominently played in the Drudge Report.  I asked him about that, and he said, “I never talk about who I’m a source for, just like a reporter doesn’t talk about who his sources are.”  He also noted that the Romney campaign has been the target of attacks for nearly a year now.


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