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Prediction: GOP About to Make a Big Mistake Responding to SOTU

I don’t know yet what President Obama will say or what leading GOP candidates will say in response. I do know that Rand Paul’s interview with Politico and Senator Cruz’s press release about the SOTU suggest the GOP and conservatives elites don’t yet get it.

Most Americans have jobs. Yes, they are concerned about unemployment, but they are at least as concerned and affected by stagnant wages and declining standards of living that, along with rising prices, are cutting American middle-class voters’ standard of living. High medical costs and tuition rates are eating away at Americans’ lifestyles.

Boehner’s guests tonight include not fewer than five company presidents complaining about Obamacare. Memo to GOP: The job-creators meme is a loser. We say “job creator,” voters hear “my boss.” And voters hate their bosses.

We can’t be the party of people’s bosses and win elections.


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