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The Preggers Plot

In today’s Washington Times, Stephen Dinan reports that some Democrats responded to Dick Cheney’s speech on John Kerry’s defense record by going personal. Unlike our war hero John Kerry, who went to Vietnam complete with his home-movie camera, Cheney apparently dodged the draft during the Vietnam War by getting his wife pregnant:

But the Thunder Road Group, a consultancy working for America Coming Together, one of the Democrat-leaning “Section 527″ political operations, said Mr. Cheney’s fifth deferment came when his wife became pregnant.

The group noted that the rules governing the draft changed Oct. 26, 1965, to allow married, childless men to be drafted. Mr. Cheney received a deferment three months later on the grounds that his wife was pregnant. The Cheneys’ first child, Elizabeth, was born, the group noted, “nine months and two days after childless men were deemed eligible for the draft.”

The accusation that Mr. Cheney used the pregnancy to avoid serving in Vietnam was made in the 2000 campaign, and resurfaced in a March opinion article on and several Web discussion forums, including one sponsored by Mother Jones magazine…

The Bush campaign was outraged at the pregnancy charges. “This is an outrageous and despicable attack, and Senator Kerry should repudiate it,” spokesman Scott Stanzel said.

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