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Presi-Weasel Bollinger

A sapient reader: 

“Can anyone doubt that if the Columbia thugs had done something ‘racist’ instead of Left-correct, they would be out the door right now?  Let’s say some hypothetical campus conservatives had similarly protested against someone speaking up for the ‘rights’ of illegal immigrants – there would be no calls for probes and investigations, the students would be gone!”

[Derb]  Absooutely, Sir.  There is a total double standard here.  And this puts the lie to those fence-sitters who yap about moral equivalence, hooligans on both Left andf Right, etc.  Michelle Malkin nicely saw off Bill O’Fencesitter on just this point on FNC last night.

If you’re looking for some news story about conservative students storming on to a stage with banners to silence a Lefty speaker, keep looking.


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