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“President Kerry”

A depressing email from a reader (I’m not as bummed out as him, though I generally agree that Milbank’s stuff has refined the art of journalistic cheap-shots to an unprecedented level):

After this weekend, I think we all need to get used to the sound of

President Kerry as depressing as that is. Never did I think I would see

the Press sink to the level they are at. They have stopped even

pretending to be journalists and are now full fledged Dem hacks, and

they don’t care who knows it. Dana Milbank appears to be a Krugman

disciple, and he is supposed to reporting actual news, not writing

opinion columns that belong in Milbank’s pieces on the PDB

are just unbelievable. W is wrong on everything according to the Press,

the Press is politicizing the war and 9-11 to no end (see Bush-hating

9-11 widows, they went to Afghansistan to prevent the war for pete’s

sake, but does the press mention that, of course not), good economic

news is on a need to know basis and course no one needs to know about

that in an election year (can you say Kerry boom starting Dec 04), and

Kerry’s incredible baggage is swept under the rug (He was the leader of

a group and was at the meeting where they took a vote on assasinating

sitting U.S. senators, he said U.S. soldiers committed war crimes in

Senate testimony, and he went to Paris to negoitate with Hanoi, which is

illegal). Very, very depressing.


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