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President Obama, This Is Your Army

Muppet News Flash: James Hoffa is still a hopeless thug:

We’ve got to keep an eye on the battle that we face — a war on workers. And you see it everywhere. It is the Tea Party. And there’s only one way to beat and win that war — the one thing about working people is, we like a good fight. . . . President Obama, this is your army, we are ready to march . . . Let’s take these son-of-a-bitches out.

Your army, Mr. President. I wonder how you like it?

One of the most disappointing experiences of my life was being picketed by the Teamsters, at a newspaper I edited in Philadelphia. The newspaper neither owned trucks nor employed drivers, but the Teamsters thought they were owed a contract, anyway, and picketed the newspaper and our advertisers. But the thing was, these clueless goons didn’t even have the courtesy to send actual Teamsters to picket us: They just paid a bunch of scabs from a day-labor center to picket us. Even Teamsters won’t hire Teamsters.

Happy Labor Day!


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