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President Obama’s Speech to the NAACP Yesterday

Here’s the text.

Much of it is predictable. He bashes “structural inequalities” and uses the opportunity to plug his health-care, energy, and financial reform initiatives; he talks about education more than anything else, which is okay; he begins and ends with rhetoric about the civil-rights struggles of yesteryear, which you would expect with this audience.

And some of it is good. There’s not a word about affirmative action, it’s recognized than many social problems should not be thought of as racial at all, and he acknowledges that “there’s probably never been less discrimination in America than there is today,” and that “prejudice and discrimination are not even the steepest barriers to opportunity today.”

But here’s the sad and unconscionable part: Not one word about the single greatest hurdle to black advancement in 2009, namely that 7 out of 10 African Americans are born out of wedlock. Not one word.


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