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The President Tonight

The president stumbled four times over the past week. He made a tactical negotiating error by increasing his tax demand of Speaker Boehner. He compounded this error with his Friday evening press conference and summons. He rejected a bipartisan Reid-Boehner-McConnell offer yesterday. And this evening he said little that would change the positions of dug-in members of Congress on both sides of the aisle.

The president’s speech was notable only for what he did not say: “I will veto the Boehner bill.”

The rest of it was effective campaign rhetoric but has little relevance to what happens over the next week.

By not threatening a veto of the Boehner bill, the president leaves the door open to signing it.

The question now is whether 218 House Republicans can vote for and pass the Boehner bill before the president regains his footing.


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