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President Walter Mitty vs. Vladimir Putin

There is somewhere near a zero percent chance this actually happened.

But since he brought it up, it’s worth remembering that the Obama administration’s obsession with a Vladimir Putin “reset” was a Joe Biden production. It was the reset that prompted the administration to remove a missile-defense system from Eastern Europe and worked to kill the Magnitsky Act — the sanctions bill named after Sergei Magnitsky, a whistleblower who was murdered by the Russian government. Bill Browder, the bill’s champion, noted at the time that “ever since Barack Obama had become president, the main policy of the U.S. government toward Russia had been one of appeasement.” It was Biden who told Dmitry Medvedev, the lackey half of the Putin tandemocracy, that Russia’s accession to the WTO was “the most important item on our agenda.” A weird thing to gift a soulless dictator, I’d say. It was Biden who, one year before mocking Mitt Romney for his aggressive stance on Russia and accusing him of being a would-be slaveowner, praised Putin’s stooge as “one of the most powerful men in the world, and that’s how we still think of you — I mean that sincerely.” When exactly during these events did Biden tell Putin that he lost his soul?


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