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Presidential Birth Order

This should be more than enough data for the Derb. From a reader:

Name # of Siblings Oldest? Oldest Boy?

G. Washington 5 Y Y

J. Adams 0 n/a n/a

T. Jefferson 9 N Y

J. Madison 11 Y Y

J. Monroe 4 N Y

J Q Adams 4 N Y

A Jackson 2 N N

M Van Buren 4 Y Y

Wm H. Harrison 1 Y Y

J Tyler 7 N N

J. Polk 9 Y Y

Z Taylor 8 N N

M Fillmore 8 N Y

F. Pierce 6 N N

J Buchanan 10 Y Y

A Lincoln 2 N Y

A Johnson 1 N N

US Grant 5 Y Y

R Hayes* (Older bro died when he was 3) 1 N Y

J Garfield 4 N N

C Arthur 7 N Y

G Cleveland 8 N N

B Harrison 9 N N

Wm McKinley 8 N N

T Roosevelt 4 N Y

W Taft* Oldest Surviving 3 N N*

W Wilson 3 N Y

W Harding 7 Y Y

C Coolidge 1 Y Y

H Hoover 2 N N

FDR * 1 half brother 0 N* N*

H Truman 2 Y Y


JFK* 8 N N* (Oldest surviving when elected)


R Nixon* Oldest surviving 4 N* N*

G Ford* (6 half siblings) 0 Y Y

J Carter 3 Y Y

R Reagan 1 N N

G HW Bush 4 N N

W Clinton* 1 half brother 0 Y Y

G W Bush 5 Y Y

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