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The President’s Daughter

First of all, she’s beautiful, Caroline is — better-looking than she has ever been in her life, in my opinion. And it’s always somewhat touching to see her, I think — given history and all. We remember those photos of her and her brother, as little kids, in the White House.

I saw her in New York a few years ago — just on the street. It was early in the morning, and she had gone to get coffee. Was chugging along with a baseball cap pulled down on her face. I was somehow touched to see her. 

She gave a graceful speech tonight — quite graceful. Shrum? Is he still the family scribe? (One of the best words WFB ever invented was “Shrummery,” and it wasn’t complimentary.)

And Ken Burns’s documentary about “Teddy” was very, very skillful — the guy can make documentaries. And so can Michael Moore, I’m afraid. Tragic. (“Use your power for good,” went the old comic-book line.)

From what I can tell, all the media are in agreement, saying that Kennedy is the best senator in, like, history. I’m reminded why, increasingly, I stay away from what someone long ago shorthanded as the MSM.

They played for Kennedy “Still the One,” as they always do at these conventions — a very good song. And I am determined not to associate it with the senior senator from Massachusetts.

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