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The President’s Nominees Are Child Pornographers

An exchange on American Morning (McCain said something similar on NBC):

Hemmer: “There was one other outstanding issue on this though. This ‘extraordinary circumstances’ clause that could come back again. I dunno, maybe in weeks, maybe in months. Ultimately, is that where this debate is headed again?”

Senator John McCain: “No, because, I think that we’re talking about 14 people now, not 100. It’s up to us, the 14 to decide what’s extraordinary circumstances. We trust one another. We’ll know it. It’s like child pornography, you’ll know it when you see it. And I hope that the President will send over more nominees who are acceptable and at the same time in keeping with his philosophy. And I am confident that at least the seven Democrats we are dealing with will not use the judicial filibuster except in most extreme circumstances. I’m confident that this agreement will hold.”


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