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The Price of Occupation

This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Via Martin Kramer, From Al Ahram


This is tricky. Syria is tricky,” said another Arab League official. He added: “Syria is different from any other Arab country.”

According to this Arab League official, as well as Arab diplomats, the reason that “Syria is different” is the over three-decade Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights.

Being a country under Israeli occupation, Arab diplomats agree, gives the ruling regime in Damascus a certain particularity the country is in effect in a state of war.

This does not cancel the Syrian right to democracy. “But you just have to worry about whether or not Israel has a hand in what is going on,” said one Arab diplomat.

The same diplomat added that he has no information on any Israeli intervention in the current demonstrations: “none”. He also said that no other Arab state has tabled any credible information to suggest that Israel is instigating current calls for reform in Syria.


Kramer writes: That’s right, the Golan Heights—0.65% of Syria’s land mass—is in Israel’s usurping hands. So fire away at those protesters! Asad has a license.

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