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Cathy Settle, who attended our NY fundraiser in February sends me an unsolicited memo “To: Any Atlanta Fence- Sitters.” She writes:

I am a single mom who works for a company on the verge of liquidation. My required union dues take the equivalent of a Mercedes car payment out of every paycheck. So of course I sent in my $750 and flew out to N.Y. for the first NRO fundraiser [of the year]….the weather: abominable, the evening: priceless…. At the N.Y. fundraiser there were 70 of us ‘guests’ and yet it was truly an intimate cocktail party atmosphere. Better that we imagined. The NRO/Corner Editors are even taller, smarter, better looking, funnier and more charming and verbose than they are on The Corner. Atlanta area fans/readers, you won’t have one regret about spending $500 to ‘hang out’ with your NR friends.

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