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Priebus: Bill’s Impeachment, Lewinsky Affair Are Fair Game if Hillary Runs

If Hillary Clinton runs in 2016, then “everything’s on the table” to use against her, including Bill Clinton’s past transgressions, says Reince Priebus. He didn’t see why Rand Paul’s recent comments pointing to the former president’s affair with Monica Lewinsky in the context of Hillary running should be off limits.

“I don’t see how someone just gets a pass on anything, especially in today’s politics,” the Republican National Committee chairman told MSNBC, pointing to opposing candidates’ character, policies, and how he or she operates as areas they will examine. “We’re going to have a truckload of opposition research on Hillary Clinton — some things might be old, and some things might be new.”

For the time being though, Priebus said he is directing his attention to the 2014 midterms, and not focusing on 2016 quite yet.


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