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Priebus: Portman Made ‘Big Inroads’ with Gay Community

At the National Press Club this morning, RNC chairman Reince Priebus defended Senator Rob Portman’s decision to change his position on gay marriage. 

When asked how he intends to “rein in the anti-gay and anti-women sentiments and bring these voters into the fold,” Priebus touted Portman as an example. “Senator Portman made some pretty big inroads [with the gay community] last week,” he said. 

Priebus also said that regardless of Portman’s position on marriage, the senator is a conservative. “I think that there isn’t anyone in this room, Republican, Democrat, in the middle, that doesn’t think that Rob Portman, for example, is a good conservative Republican. He is. And we know that.”

But does the RNC support Portman’s position? “It’s his decision,” Priebus said. “It’s his decision. It’s not a matter of whether I support his decision, I support him doing what he wants to do, as an elected person and as an American. If that’s his opinion, then I support him having that opinion.”

And he said Portman’s decision wouldn’t affect his financial support from the RNC “at all.”

“He will be supported,” Priebus concluded. 


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