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Priebus: Spendthrift or Spigot?

Off the record, other candidates’ supporters are insinuating that Reince Priebus, the current front runner to replace Michael Steele as chair of the GOP, is a prodigal son. They point to his 2004 run for Wisconsin’s state senate as evidence. According to a July 2008 campaign-finance report, Priebus’s campaign was $23,765.29 in debt — almost four years after the race. “How could he get the party out of debt, if he couldn’t even get his campaign?” his detractors ask.

What they fail to mention is that Priebus raised and spent over $350,000 in his ultimately unsuccessful attempt to unseat State Senator Bob Wirch. The loan was his own, which he eventually wrote off. Priebus may have lost his race, but he raised a ton of money.


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