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Priebus Takes It

Priebus 97

Anuzis 43

Cino 28

“I am so blessed,” Priebus said as he took the helm of the RNC. ”We can’t wait to get to work.”

Priebus thanked GOPl eaders from his home state of Wisconsin, including Ron Johnson and Paul Ryan. He also thanked the other candidates, and Michael Steele in particular.”We have to get on track and together we can beat Barack Obama in 2012. . . . We must come together,” he said. Priebus later said he would serve “in humility.”

“Together we must lead the way to a better committee and a better America.” Priebus said the RNC was the “board of directors” and he the “CEO”, but that all members were employees of GOP voters. “With this new focused leadership, the RNC will move forward.”


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