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Kathryn links to an interesting profile of Charles Krauthammer in But in the story we also find this:

“He became Ground Zero among the neo-cons, but he’s vastly smarter than most of them,” said Time’s Joe Klein, an admirer and critic who praised Krauthammer’s “writing skills and polemical skills” as “so far above almost anybody writing columns today.” “There’s something tragic about him too,” Klein said, referring to Krauthammer’s confinement to a wheelchair, the result of a diving accident during his first year of medical school. “His work would have a lot more nuance if he were able to see the situations he’s writing about.”

We already knew, thanks to his role in Primary Colors, that Joe Klein was a liar; he is now becoming quite unhinged.

Those who know Charles Krauthammer recognize that he is an utterly delightful figure, a man of limitless intellectual curiosity and knowledge, and easily among the most impressive individuals I have ever met (John Podhoretz apparently feels the same way). Krauthammer has qualities, personal and professional, that Joe Klein will never come close to attaining. And Joe Klein — whom I have also met and actually knew fairly well, as he once considered me a good friend — is filled with hatred and bitterness because of it.

Charles Krauthammer is an honorable man, in every sense of the word. And Joe Klein is a disgrace, in every sense of that word.

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