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Primetime Politics

Catching a few minutes of Cold Case on CBS. The story line is some unsolved murder that is turning out to be tied into illegal abortions in the 60s. The two murdered were evidently killed while/because of escorting “women” (seems to be teens) to abortions (the investigation is complete with stories of teens who would not let their lives be “ruined” by unplanned pregnancies). Besides bike parts and coat hangars, they’ve managed to get a W.-on-the-Lincoln hit in, too during this primetime drama. The female detective is looking with awe at all the women they’ve been talking to who had had abortions. At one point, the male cop asks one of them why the male dead was involved in escorting girls to this one hero abortionist, Did he know someone who had an abortion?, the male cop asked. The woman, reminiscing, replies (looking at him like he is a clueless child), “Most everyone does.”