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Prince Harry isn’t going to Iraq

Toby Harnden is rightfully contemptuous of the whole thing:

What an appalling example to the troops of indecisiveness under pressure and capitulation to terrorist threats. It’s possibly the end of the line for royals in the armed forces. I mean, what on earth is the point if they can’t serve in harm’s way?

After the Iran hostage debacle, we now have another PR disaster that will leave many wondering what the hell is going on with the British armed forces. The only person who emerges with any dignity is Prince Harry himself, who must now be considering resigning his commission.

I’m told that in certain parts of the Pentagon when British officers walk into a room their American counterparts raise their arms in mock surrender. Good-natured joshing, of course, but highly embarrassing nevertheless. That kind of stuff used to be reserved for the French.

While Tony Blair did a good job at the White House today, the reality is that his ten years in power have gone a long way towards destroying Britain as a self-assured culture. Over at ConservativeHome, Andrew Lilico accordingly asks whether it’s even worth staying out of Europe any more.