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For goodness’ sake. I do my morning click to Drudge, and there is a big

headline: “THIS ONE IS GOING TO BE ARMAGEDDON,” linking to a WashTimes story

When on earth did judges and lawyers get to be so all-fired important?

No wonder they legislate from the bench; no wonder prosecutors get delusions of grandeur; no wonder lawyer jokes are so prevalent, and so bitter. Surely no profession can survive this much flattery un-corrupted.

In an attempt to shift your concentration back to what is truly important, here, courtesy of the ineffable Boris Zeldovich, are all the prime numbers of two digits or less, in Russian alphabetic order:

89, 83, 2, 29, 23, 97, 19, 11, 5, 59, 53, 17, 7, 79, 71, 73, 42, 47, 43, 3, 31, 37, 13, 61, 67.

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