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Pro–Gay Marriage Dems Lose Big in Rhode Island Primaries

Tim Gill and his band of big donors spent a fortune seeking to pass gay marriage in Rhode Island — but last night was a bad night for pro-gay marriage Dems in Rhode Island, according to the Providence Phoenix:

Tonight’s Democratic primaries were not kind to gay marriage supporters, who claimed just one of six key state senate races. Pro-same sex nuptials candidate Adam Satchell scored a decisive victory over Senator Michael Pinga. But five other gay marriage backers – David Gorman, Gene Dyszlewski, Laura Pisaturo, Lewis Pryeor, and Robert DaSilva — lost. . . .

After tonight, then, it is hard to see a significant change in the balance of power in a state senate where about half of current members are opposed to gay marriage, a third are in support, and the rest are in the toss-up category, according to a Phoenix analysis.

A last-minute surge of money from Tim Gill, a Colorado technology magnate who has funded state-level legislative races for years in a bid to tip the balance on same-sex marriage and other gay rights issues, appears to have failed. (And that surge may have been larger than initially believed, as I reported earlier tonight.)


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