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Pro-Life Dem in Trouble

I never make campaign contributions. But I may make an exception to support Congressman Dan Lipinski in his primary. We disagree on many issues, but if there is such a thing as a pro-life Democrat in America today, he is it. He was when it counted. And the Left wants to make him pay for it. 

According to Politico, his primary challenger, “a wealthy insurance executive and health-care activist” (who, with his wife, started, wrote on Facebook (all candidates are Sarah Palin now!): “Why is it that whenever [House Speaker John] Boehner proposes legislation, Dan Lipinski is standing right there next to him?”

That’s far from the case. But yes, Lipinski is a Democrat who can be counted on to defend the most innocent among us. That doesn’t make him a conservative ideologue. It makes him a legislator who answers the call of the preeminent human-rights issue of our day. 


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