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A Pro-Life Woman for the Senate

Watching the Colorado Senate race has been an irritating exercise. I hate when elections come down to discussions about shoes, and I worry about “tea party” and “insider” labels being used, abused, and rendered meaningless; we’ve seen all of this in the Colorado Republican primary.

I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen of Jane Norton — and her husband, who does pro bono work for the good people at the Alliance Defense Fund — and I hope she pulls off a win today. Whatever happens, I hope this is not the last we see of her in politics. The mere fact that John McCain supports you doesn’t make you bad.

I caught up with her for a few quick questions:

Q: What does Jan Brewer’s endorsement mean to you? Do you support her efforts on immigration? 

A: I was honored to earn Governor Brewer’s endorsement. She and I have known each other since I was lieutenant governor. She is a leader on immigration and I support her efforts fully. 

The Arizona law was an inevitable consequence of the federal government’s failure to act over the last 30 years to secure all our borders. Securing America’s borders is a national-security imperative. Federal inaction has meant border violence and a drug trade run amok. Is it any wonder Arizonans are angry and fed up?

I will be watching the legal fight closely. I think we would all be better served if the federal government invested their efforts and resources in securing the border rather than fighting Arizona in court.


Q: Does that mean you wouldn’t be a John McCainLindsey Graham vote on immigration?

A: I am pleased to have Senator McCain’s endorsement, but we don’t agree on everything. Here’s where I stand on immigration: secure the borders; establish an enforceable and verifiable temporary-worker program that is predicated on the needs of our economy; and no amnesty.


Q: Do you hate having to run “high heel” ads?

A: I prefer to talk about the issues — the huge national debt, the over-taxing, over-spending, and over-regulating of the federal government. But, integrity matters, records matter, and character matters.

My opponent has given more profanity-laced tirades than he has specifics on reforming our unaffordable system of entitlements. Ken’s childish insults about tea partiers once more raise the question: Exactly who is Ken Buck, and can we really trust him? And just as pointedly, does Ken Buck have the temperament and character to be a United States senator?

I’ve said this frequently over the last several weeks: Character and integrity matter. This much you can be sure of: I will be the same person whether the cameras are on or off. 

Q: Would you be a pro-life leader in the Senate? Would people know you as a conservative?

A: Yes. I’m pro-life, and I have record on the life issue. As executive director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, I led the fight to defund Planned Parenthood and stop taxpayer dollars from funding abortions.

And yes, I’m a conservative. I don’t know what labels will attach to me, but what I do know is that I will not compromise on my principles.

Q: Do you feel winds shifting in this race?

A: Yes, by all measures I feel like momentum is our side, from fundraising to volunteer turnout to polls — we feel good about the race. But we’ll be campaigning right up until the polls close.


[Kathryn again:] We’ll see in a few hours how Colorado voters decided this and other primary fights. Keep an eye on the Battle ’10 blog

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