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From a reader:


The question is a no brainer. This is the best economic growth since the 80’s so they will switch to 80’s style tactics. The ecomomic growth will be denounced as symptomatic of corporate greed. Halliburton and the Defense Industrial Complex are making a killing on the war and American tax dollars, driving the economy higher, but at the expense of the poor and the middle class. The Dems will latch onto lagging unemployment numbers as proof.

Expect soundbites from the primary contenders such as: “This Administration is rolling back the clock to the times of corporate corruption, greed and record deficits. We are abandoning education, worker’s rights, sound fiscal policy and basic health care to fund million dollar corporate birthday parties and international adventurism. Republicans then have the gall to point to the thickening wallets of corporate fat cats as proof that the economy is improving, while average Americans are waiting in ever lengthening lines to get their unemployment checks.”

You watch. It will happen.

Joe Frye

Don’t withhold my name.


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