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A Professor Donates! Egads, Someone Call Campus 911!

Have you read Kevin Williamson’s terrific NRO Spring Webathon piece “The Voice of Principled, Thinking Conservatism Needs Your Support?” I guess the title gives it away, but still, as with everything KDW bangs out on his lucky keyboard, it’s well worth your time. It’s not only an ask for your support — you can give here — but it is also a great bit of reporting and analysis. Meanwhile, we’d like to share some wise thoughts and encouraging words we’ve heard from just a few of today’s donors:

Howard drops $25 and with it come praise and a suggestion: “You do excellent work!!! Publish Dennis Prager more, please.” Well Howard, as far as we’re concerned Prager U deserves and gets our attention.

Comes another $25, this time from our old friend Anonymous, who reports “Donation immediately followed reading of Mr. Williamson’s almost always excellent writing, this time ‘The Voice of Principled, Thinking Conservatism Needs Your Support.’” (Am I hearing an echo in the post?)

Then Patricia sends General Grant our way, the 50 smackers accompanied by this sentiment: “Thanks to all, especially Kevin, for fighting the good fight for conservative values against the I-don’t-know-what values of the Trump hijack.” Looks like we may need a Kevin Appreciation Day here!

And finalmente, if I may use the language of my ancestors, there is a kind $25 donation from Professor Stephen, who must be lecturing and microaggressing at some off-the-multicultural-grid institution where they’ve yet to hear of safe spaces. Says he: “I have read National Review Online for many years, with great profit. I have even used several of the articles in my Political Science classes. Keep up the good fight.” We will, and thanks for sharing the profit, and the wisdom you can find by the boatload every day on NRO.

You wish to share some of your profit? If so, please share it, here, because the cause that is National Review is a darned important one.


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