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The Professor Is in the House

Bernard Lewis is generally regarded as the dean of Middle East scholars. Furthermore, he is one of our greatest scholars, in any area. Born in 1916, he grew up in London and has had an international career. During World War II, he served in British intelligence. He taught for many years at Princeton and is now professor emeritus. After 9/11, his knowledge became more important than ever. Many people, in America and elsewhere, looked to him for explanations.

Jay Nordlinger interviewed him for The Human Parade in July 2011. They discussed a range of matters, personal, historical, political, and cultural. Jay wishes to state, incidentally, that Lewis insisted he would be more comfortable in the less comfortable-looking chair. The interviewer is sitting in a grand chair; the interviewee in a humble one.

This is our third release in the Human Parade series. For the Ed Koch and Jeb Bush episodes, go here and here. For a “sampler” — a brief highlights reel — go here.

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