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‘Proficient, but Unloved’

I write about Romney today (drawing on some of the themes from this New Hampshire piece). As always, the reaction in the comments are widely varied. Here’s a sampling.

Commenter will33704:

I support Romney just as I did in 2008. I’m hoping 2012 is the year we can get past all the emotional attachment to our nominees and Presidents. Rich, you write Romney is impressive and I doubt many could disagree with that. So the problem is we don’t want to have a beer with him? He isn’t authentic because he can speak in complete sentences and express coherent thoughts? After 12 years of “guts”, charisma, and cult of personality, maybe it’s time for a different kind of President….a competent and impress one.

Commenter jim in oh:

Rich, sorry you are missing the problem with Romney. We can deal with the lack of warmth, what we cannot deal with is the feeling that Mitt represents the desire to go back to business as usual in Washington. Just tweak things and all will be well, it’s just that our country is in a dire condition and we need bold steps to get it back. It is our fear that Romney does not agree and that with just a little trimming of the jib the ship can basically stay on the same course. Mitt’s 59-point plan certainly does not lead me to believe anything but the above.

Starred commenter Frank1914:

Once Romney has the nomination, the only person he needs to out-warmth is Obama, and the president has also been criticized at times for his professorial aloofness.

It will come down to the professor versus the management consultant. Who do you trust your job to? (As a veteran of corporate mergers, I know my answer).

Look forward to some of the chilliest presidential debates in decades.

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