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Democrats Discover Fiscal Restraint . . . When It Comes to Israel

UPDATE: Democrats gave in to the socialist faction and stripped aid for Israel’s life-saving Iron Dome defense system from the House budget.  Steny Hoyer calls it a “technical delay.” In actuality, it’s a political delay and an appeasement of the radicals in his party.    

Democrats have finally found some spending that they can oppose:

To comprehend just how much contemporary progressives detest Israel, let’s remember that the Iron Dome is a defensive weapon. It has not only saved thousands of Jewish lives from missile attacks emanating from Islamic terror groups but countless Palestinian lives, as well. Without it, Israel would need to retaliate for strikes with devastating force and be far more proactive in fighting Hamas — and quite likely, be compelled to reinvade Gaza. And yet a faction of Democrats are willing to sink a debt-ceiling hike over our alliance with the only liberal nation in the region.


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