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Promises, Promises

The opening of Impromptus today deals with liberal opinion — or a slice of it — on the problem of Anthony Weiner. I’d like to publish one letter, a blunt and exasperated-seeming one:

I’m always amazed when a politician’s marital infidelity is described as a “private matter.” A politician breaks a promise made to his wife, before God, and it’s no big deal. But people — mere constituents — expect the politician to be telling them the truth!

Um, didn’t Congressman Weiner make his vows before Bill Clinton or something? Anyway, I’m reminded of an old story concerning Irving Berlin and George S. Kaufman. The latter was . . . worldly, let’s put it that way. Berlin was always thought conservative, sentimental, and backward — even then. One of his hit songs went, “I’ll be loving you, always.” Kaufman said, “Irving, that’s ridiculous. Shouldn’t it be more like, ‘I’ll be loving you, Thursday’?”

There are “always” people and “Thursday” people. Watch out for the Thursdays, if you can. And have a nice weekend!


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