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A Proper Candidate for Asylum?


Marisol Valles Garcia may indeed be “a fantastically brave young woman,” but that doesn’t give her the right to an immigrant visa under U.S. law. Immigration blogger “Federale” offers some skepticism here.

She is not in custody, and brought her child with her, who is now enrolled at American taxpayer expense in a public school. She apparently has employment authorization, but it is not clear how she entered. Most likely illegally, as she was an unlikely candidate for a visitor’s visa …

The [U.S. asylum] laws specifically state that the person fleeing oppression must be the victim of the activity of a foreign government for political or religious activity or belief …

It is clear that Valles claim is based on the lawless expansion of asylum in the United States. Life is dangerous in many countries, but our asylum laws were never created for crime victims.

“Federale” suggests that Ms. Valles Garcia may be gaming the system. I couldn’t offer an opinion on that; but I have never heard that being brave, or even being very, very brave, is a qualification for asylum in the U.S.A., unless the bravery is connected to political or religious oppression.


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