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The “Proposition Nation”…

…may end up as nothing more than just that–a proposition–according to the ever more impressive Rep. Tom Tancredo

Unlike most other nations (principal exception:  the U.S.S.R), the U.S.A. is founded on an idea, not on a shared ethnicity or common origin.  We are a “proposition nation.”  Some people seem to deduce from this that there is no need for us to have what other nations have–well-defined borders, carefully guarded. 

If America is just an idea in our heads, what need for flags, anthems, borders, common language, and all those other trappings of archaic, crypto-racist, war-engendering, nationhood?  The idea will persist anyway, without all that obnoxious, old-fashioned, and discriminatory stuff.  Won’t it?

[Thanks to Randall Parker for the Tancredo link.] 


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