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Protesters Make Me Cranky

From a reader:

It’s a little reactionary, but this drives me nuts. NRO is full of nice, brilliant people. Can one of you kids please tell me how a bunch of hippie-wanna-be, rubbing-the-numbers-off-Daddy’s-AMEX, will-pass-school-because-they-spout-the-same-bile-as-their-professors protestors will tell a single mother who arrives to work 1/2 a day late and gets docked for four hours pay because the bus route she rides is clogged by idiots and cretins taking the occasional bong-hit- how do any of these silly protests make any sense?

There is a constitutional right to protest, although not explicit. The explicit rights regard speech and assembly. There is not a right to loiter, harass, or disrupt commerce. There is not a right to trespass. There are actually laws agaist those actions. I say arrest the leaders of these protests, and bill them and their organizations for the police protection that they inspire.

I know for a fact (as a consultant to a local city government) that even the KKK pays for their police protection when they hold one of their vile ‘rallys’, in which- I am proud to say- the last had four times as many counter-protesters as the rally itself.

To me, as the taxes paid on commerce help support the military and some of their ‘targets’ are governmental, direct impedence of entry or egress is an act of terrorism at most, sabotage at median, and harrasment at the least. Raise my taxes a 10-spot a year to print more citation books.

Since when did a 25-year-old idiot-for-hire for ANSWER, or some other crackpot organization care more about saving a brutal tyrant whos own people want him gone, than they do for a single parent that needs to get to that second job after working ‘graveyard’ to feed and shelter their kids in Bed-Sty or Haight-Asbury? The hypocrisy and lack of that ellusive ‘grasp’ is just damn near startling.


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