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Protesting Austerity — After a Suitable Vacation

The Christian Science Monitor reports that major protests against the Greek government’s austerity measures continue — although the crowds are a bit smaller now because of the season. File this in the you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up folder:

The heavily indebted Greek government has adopted the International Monetary Fund’s recommendation to raise some of the €320 billion ($390 billion) it owes foreign lenders through privatization. And that has transformed central Athens into a stage for daily demonstrations, even in the heat of summer when many here typically take long vacations.

While Tuesday’s demonstration was smaller than past protests this year, strikes are expected to pick up again when vacationers return from the beach.

The austerity measures include such outrages as selling government-owned industries and transportation assets to improve their management, upgrade their facilities, and pay down the government’s debt. But perhaps the public just hasn’t gotten the story straight yet and will feel better about it once they do. After all, it’s hard to follow the austerity news closely while sunbathing on a Greek isle.


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