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Protesting Canadian Imperialism

A retired general helps to found a scholarship program for the children of military personnel killed in active service. A university signs up to the program. Sixteen professors sign a joint letter to the university’s president calling for the school to withdraw from the program.

Yes, it’s those nutty Canadians again. Here’s the story from the Globe and Mail. The general is Rick Hillier, co-founder of Project Hero. The university generating the protests is this one in Saskatchewan. Sample from the letter of protest:

In addition to withdrawing from “Project Hero”, we think the issues we raise should be publicly debated. We are calling on the U of R administration hold a public forum on the war in Afghanistan, and Canadian imperialism more generally, at which the issues we raise can be debated. This forum should be open to all; it should take place this semester, before exams, as “Project Hero” is set to start at U of R in September 2010.

Canadian imperialism! Like we don’t have enough to worry aboot . . . I mean, about.


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