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Protesting the HHS Mandate, Standing for Religious Freedom

On the second anniversary of the signing of the president’s health-care legislation, Americans gathered in 140 cities to protest the Department of Health and Human Services mandate that requires individuals and institutions to violate their consciences and purchase plans that cover abortion, contraception, and sterilization. To stand up for religious freedom.

The D.C. rally, where I was, was awash in women: 



And courtesy of others (thank you, Students for Life): 

(Lila Rose🙂

(Kirstan Hawkins🙂

And thank you to readers in Manhattan: 

And in Philadelphia:

In Birmingham, Alabama: 

And Dallas:

From Goshen, N.Y.:

In Cleveland, Ohio: 

In Norfolk, Va.:

And, thanks to EWTN for these next ones.

From Chicago: 

From Los Angeles:

And Concord, N.H.:

And Ann Arbor:

And Phoenix:

Keep sending me your photos and reports at

UPDATE: More from readers who attended rallies in …. 



And the Twin Cities:

And Lincoln, Nebraska:

Austin, Texas:

And from Houston:

And from Spokane:

And South Bend:

And Indianapolis:

And Detroit:

And more from Chicago:



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