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Prove It

A reader writes: “I signed up for a subscription since I was beginning to feel guilty about

all the free resources you provide, but I think you should provide the

salaries of each National Review author to assure potential donors that they

wouldn’t be padding the wallets of already-fat cats? How do I know Jonah

isn’t asking for my hard-earned cash while scarfing down that $1,000 lobster

and caviar omelette?”

ME: For a variety of reasons I’m sure you will understand, we won’t be posting those, but I can tell you for certain that no one is getting rich off NRO. Rich content, sure. Rich Lowry, yes. But if you think NR/NRO staff does freelance work for their (our, my) health, you’re mistaken. That’s not a complaint. It’s a fact. I might add, I have never had caviar I cross the street whenever I pass by the likes of Le Parker Meridien, for fear I might dirty their walkways with the wrong tax bracket.

I really am getting the impression folks do honestly think NRO is well-funded and we’re doing this to be cute. Really, really wrong impression.


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