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Pryor and The Bishops

The inimitable Hugh Hewitt is an old friend–his office was next to mine in the Reagan White House–and he writes to say that Archbishop Chaput’s column on the Pryor nomination is not only correct but powerful. On his radio show over the last couple of days, Hugh explains, he has read excerpts from Chaput to left-wing callers–and found that it left them stunned. (And if you’re not aware of Hugh’s wonderful show, learn about it at

Hugh’s closing comment:

“I am hoping that other Bishops are reading Chaput –it must have travelled around the offices VERY quickly– and watching C-SPAN and gathering their courage. With any sort of action, the bishops could break the [Pryor] filibuster like a toothpick.”

Which of course leads to a question. Are any other bishops–any at all–taking action? Has Cardinal Egan spoken out in New York? Has Cardinal George held forth in Chicago? If Corner readers are aware of any bishops who have spoken out on the Pryor nomination, please send your emails this way.


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