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Pryor Pile-On

From what I saw in some replays last night, Bill Pryor did a remarkable job yesterday in front of the rabidly hostile Senate Judiciary Committee. (Byron will have a piece later this morning.) Here’s a sense of what he was dealing with:

Schumer: “I am disappointed to say that [Judge Pryor] resembles the nine nominees I have voted against. In many ways he is an amalgamation of [Bush’s recent nominees]. He looks like Sutton on states rights issues. And he looks like Kuhl and Owen on women’s rights. He is a stitching together of the worst judges I have opposed.”

Schumer: “It’s not enough to say ‘I will follow the law.’…I need to see that your personal ideology won’t influence your decisions.”

Schumer: “[Pryor’s] beliefs are so deeply held that it’s very difficult to believe those views won’t influence how he follows the law. A person’s views matter.”

Schumer: “I find it difficult to believe his incredibly strong ideology won’t impact how he rules.”

Schumer: “I believe a judge can be pro-life and follow Roe v. Wade. Some people can separate their personal views. But not everyone can pull this off. I’ve got some real concerns that [Pryor] can’t.”

Schumer: “Your record screams passionate advocate, but doesn’t so much as whisper judge.”

Schumer: “I don’t think ideological warriors should predominate on the bench. If we have a Supreme Court justice nominee, I hope he looks like Richard Wessley, and less like he comes straight out of the Right-Wing Wheel House.”

Schumer: “Pryor has a long way to go to prove he is a fair and impartial judge.”

Schumer: “When you believe abortion is murder, how can you convince the public that you are capable of being fair?”

Feinstein: “I believe one can be a strong advocate and can be a good, impartial judge. But in this case, my theory is put to the test. In virtually every area, you have strong beliefs. Your comments on Roe make one wonder if you could step aside from those views.”

Kennedy: “You want to roll back the Constitution to fit your agenda. You’re an advocate so extreme that your statements at times are intemperate.”


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